I’ve been working in ELT for over twenty years, having taught English and trained teachers in various countries. For the time being, I am working as an English Teacher, Teacher Trainer, Cambridge Speaking Examiner for FCE, KET, PET & YLE and a freelance ESL marerials writer. Throughout the years, I have taught from primary through high school to adult courses along with exam preparation classes. I have given educational consultancy and done academic planning for high school students. I have worked for various ELT publishers and have taught at under and postgraduate teacher training courses.

Through such various interactions, I have broad experience of language teaching to all age groups, training language teachers and preparing students for academic exams. I am also experienced in ELT and education management and have worked as the head of English department at numerous institutions.

I have a BA in English Language Teaching, an MA in Applied Linguistics and presently I am pursuing my PhD studies in Linguistics. I am an approved Oxford Teachers’ Academy trainer and have attended many other certificate programmes on teacher training, ELT and education management, learning technologies and international exams.

I’m mainly interested in analysing the influence of various student interactions in communicative language learning. I also try to help institutions through, consultancy work for ELT and education departments, attending seminars for Language Teachers and giving academic support and supervision to students studying for higher degrees.

Osman Bedel

ELT Publishing Editor, Teacher Trainer